About Us

Welcome to the tantalizing domain of Deviant Blends, where we playfully subvert the world's tea-sipping rituals. We started with a spark—an audacious bolt from the blue—to serve up trouble in a teacup that brews far beyond the ordinary.

Our Story

Once upon a steaming mug, Deviant Blends was nothing but a dream in the hearts of a tea-loving maverick. It was born out of a yearning for teas that tickled the fancy and challenged the mundane. Bursting onto the scene with vim and verve, Deviant Blends has become the wildest child of the tea world—for those who toss the rulebook into the hearth and prefer their kettle with a touch of rebellion.

Mission Statement

"Tea a little different."—because why should tea time be a somber affair? At Deviant Blends, every sip is a pledge to the mischievous enjoyment that life has to offer and the flavors that dance about your taste buds.

Our Brand Essence

Imagine a tea that isn't just a pause from the to-do list but a rendezvous with whimsy. That's us— Deviant Blends—where our Aphrodisiac brew isn't your grandmother's chamomile. It's a sensual sonnet that sings to your spirit, elevating intimate moments into an escapade that will have your senses and your partner swooning.

Here, we don't just infuse tea- we infuse life with an effervescent essence. Our tribe thrives in full color, riots against the predictable, and winks at tradition. Deviant Blends isn't an ordeal in etiquette; it's a revelry in every cup—a concoction for connoisseurs of the curious, a toast to those with hearts bold and spirits untamed. The after effects linger and come through with “that look” from your partner the morning after…

Join the Revelry

Slip into the seat of honor at our table of tea deviants. Deviant Blends isn't just about savoring exceptional tea; it's about savoring the electric pulse of life. Our blend isn't whispering; it's the talk of the town—a vivid proclamation of your plucky persona.

Join us, indomitable sipper, in this exuberant league of peculiar heroes. For the courageous. The passionate. The misfits. At Deviant Blends, you'll find camaraderie in quirkiness, openness and a tea that dares you to live out loud!

This is your invitation—the kettle's on, the scene's set, can you hear the call? Step into the vivacious vibrancy of Deviant Blends, where the peculiar pleases the palate, and every steamy moment is a frivolous affair of the heart. Cheers to the chapters unwritten and your tea that will write them with you!

Dare to sip differently? Your adventure awaits...

Unleash the Flame of Desire with Our Aphrodisiac Tea

Feel the Stirrings of Passion

Craving immediate satisfaction? We suggest indulging in our Aphrodisiac Tea with your partner at least 5 minutes before getting intimate. While the effects vary and some may feel sensations immediately, others may experience a slow build up to a boiling point over time.  Don't worry if you don't notice effects right away, Aphrodisiac tea works in the background while you're getting busy. Consistent sipping may lead to a more intense journey of desire.

Taste the Temptation

Immerse yourself in the spell-binding taste of our Aphrodisiac Tea. Sip on the intoxicating fusion of horny goat weed, intricately entwined with the warm undertones of fenugreek, and the flirtatious tang of hibiscus. The allure of butterfly pea flower, rose hips, orange peel, and lavender flower tangle with rose petals and whispers of natural blood orange oil in a steamy, sultry caress. And oh, behold its mesmerizing purple hue—a visual feast that promises a rendezvous with rapture.

The Promise of Pure Pleasure

Crafted for the adventurous at heart, each sip promises you a walk on the wild side of the boudoir. It’s pure indulgence that’s Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, and delightfully Caffeine-Free. And it brims with the goodness of organic ingredients to serenade your health conscious spirit.

Set the Stage for Seduction

Summon a world where every taste is an adventure, every aroma an aphrodisiac. Easy to brew, this potion of passion is just waiting to unfurl its delights. Whether it’s a tempestuous teatime or a chilled affair, allow the natural symphony of scents and flavors to entwine with your senses.

Brewing your Potion of Passion

  • Choose your chalice and welcome a bag of Aphrodisiac Tea.
  • Drench in boiling water, to release the steamy secrets within.
  • Steep for a titillating five minutes, more if you dare—this tea waits for no one.
  • If the heat's too fierce, dare to cool things down with ice.
  • Here’s to an epicurean escapade that will leave you longing for more.